The Seaside Affair – Book Availability

The Seaside Affair is only available at this time in eBook format on Amazon for $3.99 or is free to download if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.  You may ask why the eBook is not available on Kobo, iTunes, or Nook.  It's pretty simple.  Amazon, who controls the world (just kidding), requires exclusivity when … Continue reading The Seaside Affair – Book Availability

Release Day!

Meet the cast of characters: Elizabeth and Francis Edwards - the siblings The Wilsons and their daughter Celia - the keepers of the secret The Davenport family -  everyone has an agenda Lord Howard and Miss Whiting - The local aristocrat and his niece The theme behind the series is simple - It takes courage … Continue reading Release Day!

A Series is Born

After finishing The Seaside Affair, I realized that the multiple characters and their open-ended stories would not serve well. After creating them, their existence demands resolution too. Meet the characters who take venturous risks to find love. The books border on the historical romance genre but include many other elements such as historical fiction and family relations.

Release Date – August 1, 2020

I have been working very hard on getting the book ready to send my editor in mid-June.  There have been a few changes here and there, and I've attempted to tighten the story in some areas, fix a few plot holes, and expand other chapters. This reminds me of why I like to write shorter … Continue reading Release Date – August 1, 2020